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MAX & CHARLIE is a wild graphic novel adventure through the chaOs of New York City. But there’s something a little strange about this place... and we hope you read the book to figure out what's what!

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Written, directed, and produced by

Zack Lieberman
Zack has won a Webby Award and an Emmy Award for his digital work and was featured as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film.

You can see more of Zack's work, learn about his past and future projects, and check out lots of 3D at his site zdLLdz.com.

Zack is based out of Brooklyn, USA!







Pencils, inks, and colours by

Louis Neubert
Louis' work has been commissioned for Disney, Cartoon Network, Sky, and The National Portrait Gallery, amongst others.

His art communicates undeniable warmth and an original twist — he strives to create animations and characters that epitomize these qualities.

Louis is based out of Bristol, UK!


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MAX & CHARLIE was created independently with (lots of) love in...
All of our products are printed and manufactured in the USA.

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But this one's good for kids of all ages!

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