"One of The Best Indie Graphic Novels of Fall"

Zack Lieberman and Louis Neubert collaborate on the rollicking, thought-provoking tale of a boy and his dog... Neubert’s art is terrific, and the Day-Glo color palette he uses casts Manhattan in a kind of dreamy transcendence... There’s a definite sense that Lieberman is trying to make some larger impact than that of a simple boy-finds-dog story... the book stands apart as a distinctive labor of love.

"Poetry of sight and heart... will definitely make you ponder life in a new way."

Put on your mental shoes and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime through the eyes of a little boy and his dog in Zack Lieberman’s latest work: Max & Charlie. Whirl through New York, meet various characters and hear their perspectives on life... brought to life in front of our eyes by the marvelously talented Louis Neubert... Beautiful work! Poetry of sight and heart... you can’t help but grasp a new view of life from just a few pages ... This will definitely make you ponder life in a new way.

"This urban Alice in Wonderland combines excitement and reflection to take readers on a colorfully wild ride through an archetypal New York."

A boy searches a surreal New York City for his lost dog, learning much about the world and himself... Debut author Lieberman, a filmmaker and media producer, brings cinematic energy to this dynamic, always-unfolding story... Debut illustrator Neubert’s illustrations, lavishly produced in full color on glossy paper, contribute greatly to the characterization and the storytelling, especially in the book’s wordless, more fantastic sections.