Holy moly! Here we go!

Welcome to the online home for MAX & CHARLIE!
We’re brand new on these internetz... And we’re very glad you found us!

MAX & CHARLIE is a new graphic novel that follows a young boy (Charlie!) on a crazy chase through the cHaOtic streets of New York City. Charlie is chasing his best friend, an adorable beagle pup named Max. Max’s middle name is Danger.

If you’re a kid — or if you know one ;) — this is your kind of book.

MAX & CHARLIE has been a labor of love for a small group of independent artists. This group is led by me, Zack Lieberman. Hi! I wrote MAX & CHARLIE, and I also art-directed, edited, lettered, produced, and published our little adventure. I also built the website you’re on. Thanks for stopping by!

My partner in crime is the amazing Louis Neubert: you and the rest of the world will assuredly join in my perpetual awe of Louis’ art and illustrations — he’s the real deal folks! Louis charcoaled, penciled, inked, and coloured MAX & CHARLIE — it’s a stunning and gigantic piece of work, and I can't wait for you to see it!

Louis is based out of Bristol, UK... and I’m based out of Brooklyn, USA. We’ve made this book together at times (in NYC and Playa Grande, Costa Rica), but we mostly did the "long-distance” thing. Across the pond, as it were!

There will be a lot more to say about all of this very soon! Please stay tuned to this station — it’s going to be an awesome little adventure.

In the meantime, you can pre-order now! And don’t worry, we won’t charge until we actually ship the book.

If pre-ordering’s not your thing, go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date — we’ve got a lot of cool things planned (and some sweet contests and giveaways) and we want you to know about them! (Hint... there's also a *secret* little coupon code if you subscribe!)

We couldn’t have made this book without the love and support of about a hundred zillion people — we owe each of you our biggest thanks for the guidance and kind words you've given along the way. Everyone will be getting their proper thanks in due time (endnotes!), but please accept our sincere virtual thanks in the meantime.

I'd like to further shout out the amazing people at Power to the Pixel and Dogfish Accelerator for their generous support of this project (MAX & CHARLIE was a participant in both programs!)

And to all the new friends out there: a great many thanks to you too! We can’t wait to meet you.

More soon! See you!

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